Used Furniture at Auction

Did you know that the value of the global market for furniture is over half a trillion dollars and growing? These days, there’s plenty of reasons to shop used when looking to decorate your home or business.

When it comes to reducing your carbon footprint and conserving time and money, buying and selling used furniture at auction could be just what your family or business needs.

Buy & Reuse

Most furniture contains leather, natural fabrics like cotton and wool, or synthetic fabrics like polyester.

It takes about 1,900 liters of water to make a square foot of leather, and it takes tens of thousands of liters of water just to make a kilogram (2.2 pounds) of cotton. Synthetic fabric doesn’t require as much water to make, but making polyester produces three times more carbon dioxide than what it takes to make cotton.

Every second, people spend about $18,000 on furniture across the globe. This negatively impacts our forests, and results in more cotton and synthetic material production.

Why buy new and add to the demand, when used furniture can be bought secondhand with less hassle? You can help cut down on emissions and water use and upgrade your home for less than what new furniture usually costs.

Sell & Save

About 12 million tons of furniture get thrown out each year in the United States. Instead of leaving things for waste collection, why not sell your used furniture?

Globally, projections for the secondhand furniture market show an increase to almost $17 billion by the end of 2025. That’s nearly double its 2017 value.

Furniture industry experts point to the growing used fashion industry to predict gains in the secondhand furniture market. Thanks to new ways to sell digitally, the used furniture market will only grow with time.

If you have furniture that you want to get rid of, always consider selling before trashing goods. That way, you can add to your bottom line without adding to one of over a thousand landfills in America today.

Bid on Furniture with Compass

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