Vacuum Trucks at Auction

Vacuum Trucks in Day 1

This month, Compass is bringing two vacuum trucks to auction for December Day 1! Browse the Auction Catalog for Day 1 today and view the listings for the two 6×4 Hydrovac trucks: a 2012 Peterbilt 367 Trim and a 2008 Sterling L7500.

What are Vacuum Trucks?

Vacuum trucks are heavy vehicles equipped with vacuum tubes and a holding tank, and are often used to handle large-scale liquid and wastewater clean-up.

Many fields of industry use vacuum trucks to complete jobs like sewer and septic system maintenance, water and debris clean-up during hydro-excavation and drilling jobs, and emergency responses involving hazardous materials or oil spills.

These trucks are able to do their job thanks to a simple but powerful vacuum created in the truck’s holding tank. A pump is used to remove air from the tank, then suction hoses are used to fill the vacuum with liquids, sludge, or debris. The pressure of the vacuum is cancelled out once the tank is filled up, or when the pump is turned off.

Browse December Day 1 Today!

You can find the Peterbilt and Sterling Hydrovac trucks in Day 1 of December’s Monthly Auction. Pre-bidding for this auction opens on December 15, and the auction will begin to close on December 29 at 10 am Eastern Time.

You can find other examples of heavy vehicles and equipment in December Day 1, like a Caterpillar backhoe loader or a 1991 Ford F800 dump truck.

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