Vacuworx Lifting System

Vacuworx in Day 1

Compass is bringing a Vacuworx RC 16 vacuum lifting system to auction during our ongoing November Day 1 Monthly Auction.

RC series units are powered by diesel engines and can be hooked up and running in a few minutes. The RC 16 has a lift capacity of 16 tons and weighs about 2,400 pounds. For optimal results while operating the RC 16, Vacuworx recommends pipe from 4 inches to unlimited outer diameter, and flat pads suited to lift capacity.

Vacuum lifting systems like the RC 16 are best suited for use in large diameter energy and infrastructure projects. These systems are used in port facilities, pipe mills, and storage yards across America. Unlike typical rigging equipment, vacuum lifts aren’t slowed down by slings, chains, and hooks, having shorter load and unload times as a result.

About Vacuworx

Vacuworx is a Tulsa, Oklahoma-based company that has engineered and manufactured heavy-duty lifting equipment since 1999. Their products have seen use in the oil and gas, water and sewer, construction, landscape, and manufacturing industries.

Besides the RC series, Vacuworx manufactures other vacuum lifting systems, like the compact CM series and the portable PS series.

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The Vacuworx RC 16 can be found in our November Day 1 Monthly Auction, along with vehicles, appliances, and other pieces of heavy equipment. Be sure to view our Auction Calendar to stay updated on all of our current and upcoming auctions.

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