Warehouse Equipment at Mid-Month Auction

At Compass, we know what it takes to operate a warehouse. It takes a coordinated team, thorough schedules, and reliable warehouse equipment.

If your business owns or operates a warehouse and you’re looking for equipment, look no further! September’s Mid-Month Auction here at Compass has plenty of lots that may be of interest to you.

Plastic Pallets

What’s a warehouse without pallets for your inventory? Our Mid-Month Auction includes over 200 plastic pallets in various sizes spread out over several auction lots.

Pallets are the bread and butter of most warehouses. Inventory placed on pallets can be easily moved around a warehouse floor without relying on manpower to move items by hand. Without pallets, modern warehouses as we know them just wouldn’t be the same.

Pallet Jacks

Nine different rolling pallet jacks will be available in this auction across five lots. Two of the jacks featured are Clark-brand electric pallet jacks, while five were manufactured by Global.

If pallets are the foundation of warehouse mobility, heavy-duty steel pallet jacks are tools that put that foundation to good use. Pallet jacks are perfect for moving pallets on ground-level, for loads that aren’t heavy enough to justify using a forklift.   

Rolling Flat Carts

This auction includes three rolling flat utility carts with average dimensions of about 3’x4’x4′.

Carts like this, also known as dollies, function as a pallet and a pallet jack all in one. These carts can hold merchandise on its flat base, while the handle can be used for steering. Carts can’t be stored like pallets, so they’re best used for transportation only.

Conveyor Belts

Several conveyor belts are part of this month’s auction, manufactured by Versa Ferguson and Best Flex. Several lots of conveyor belt parts are also featured in this auction.

Conveyor belts act as the veins and highways of the warehouse, directing inventory traffic with a speed and ease of use that pallets or sheer manpower can’t offer. If you’re looking to improve work flow, conveyor belts are one of the most efficient options around.

Rolling Staircases

Two rolling staircases are featured in this auction, manufactured by Cotterman and Ballymore. These mobile staircases provide far more height compared to stepping stools, and require less balance than ladders.

Staircases offer the ability to get a closer look at elevated inventory. If you need to get a close-up look at inventory but don’t want to use heavy equipment, rolling staircases are the way to go.

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You can find lots with these pieces of warehouse equipment and more in September’s Mid-Month Auction here at Compass. This auction will begin to close tomorrow on September 15 @ 10 am Eastern Time. Check out our Auction Calendar for info on more upcoming auctions.

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