how to handle the ammo shortage

For the past two years, we’ve dealt with inflated fuel prices, food shortages, and supply chain issues at retailers. So much has been happening; you may wonder what’s next. Well, firearm ammo has been in limited supply since the beginning of the pandemic. Gun owners have been feeling the pressure caused by uncertain times from all angles! Popular calibers such as 9mm, .223, 45, and .40 S&W rounds have been the hardest to find. The consolidation of ammo manufacturers and the exponential increase in new gun ownership contributes to the shortage.  

We came up with some tips to help you make do with the limited supply that’s available. 

According to Forbes, there were 19.9 million firearms legally sold in the U.S. in 2021, making it the 2nd busiest year for gun sales in history.  

Take Care of Your Current Supply 

Did you know that bullets have a shelf life? If you already have a stock of ammo, ensure it is stored properly to keep it from going bad. 

  • Experts suggest that you only keep ammo for ten years or less. If you use “old” ammo, it can ruin your gun or lead to serious injury. 
  • Keep your ammo in a place that does not get too humid or hot. These conditions can lead to rusty bullets or powder that won’t burn.  

Don’t Waste Shots 

Not only is ammo scarce, but it’s also expensive. Now more than ever, it pays to make every shot count. 

  • Save your expensive rounds for when you’re out in the woods hunting. Just because you use the good stuff to take down a deer doesn’t mean you need to practice with it. Shooting inexpensive ammo will help you improve trigger control and follow-through. 

Buy From Alternative Sources 

Retailers like Cabela and Sportsman’s warehouse are having a hard time keeping bullets in stock. So, that means you’re going to have to look somewhere else. 

  • Traditional online retailers are selling ammo at an inflated rate. Not to mention, whenever ammo comes in stock, it sells out way before you notice. 

Auctions are a great place to buy ammo. They don’t sell out. How? There’s a rotation of ammo available each month. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, check back later, you might find it in a future auction. Also, bids are live. Everyone bids at the same time, so you will know how much competition you have. If the price gets too high, you can stop bidding and let someone outbid you. Ultimately, you pay how much you want and get what you want.  

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