Military Ammo at Auction

Comparing Ammo Types

You’ve probably heard of “military-grade” ammunition before. But what’s the difference between military-grade ammo and normal ammo retailed for civilians?

For starters, military ammunition almost always comes in a full metal jacket (FMJ), and doesn’t expand upon impact. Meanwhile, civilian ammo comes in different varieties like FMJ, hollow point, soft point, etc.

Military-grade ammo usually has more freebore – the part of the bullet between its neck and throat – than normal ammo types. Because of this, military-grade ammo operates at higher pressures than civilian ammunition.

Military rifles can usually fire normal rounds with a slight loss of velocity. It’s best to exercise extra caution when firing military rounds out of a typical sporting rifle thanks to the pressure difference caused by their extra freebore.

Primers & Crimping

When military ammo is made, there’s usually an extra step in the bullet-making process when primers are sealed into the bullet casings.

The primers in the brass of military ammo cartridges are sealed by being pressed against the edges of the primer’s pocket. This gives the bullets a longer shelf life, and helps them to be more water-resistant.

Military rounds also exhibit heavier crimping, making it less likely for the bullet’s primer to slip out of the primer pocket once it’s fired.

When it comes to reloading ammo, military ammunition is considered more difficult to reload due to heavier crimping. However, this can also mean that military-grade bullets can be reloaded more times than their civilian counterparts.

Israeli Military Ammo at Auction

Approximately 1,000 rounds of 9mm Luger ammunition meant for military use are available in Lot 305 of December’s Firearms, Ammo & Accessories Auction!

Pre-bidding is currently open for this auction, which is set to begin closing at noon on New Year’s Eve.

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