Monthly Auctions

At Compass, we believe in marketing and the sales power of monthly auctions. The auction is one of the oldest ways to sell something and has stuck with us throughout human history.

Auctions are popular to this day because they work. Compass auctions offers a wide selection, and if you need it, we’ve got it, and if you don’t want it, we’ll sell it!

Through monthly auctions, Compass offers bidders a wide selection of surplus and goods in good condition. We welcome individuals and businesses alike to our auction arena on-site at least twice a month.

Compass offers everything from industrial goods to real estate at auction prices. Through auctions, Compass wants to build relationships with businesses, municipalities, local, state, and federal entities, and our own community.

At the end of each month, Compass conducts a two-day auction offering a variety of consigned goods. In these auctions you can find heavy equipment, vehicles, appliances, contractor surplus, power tools, and all kinds of other products.

On average, Compass holds 12 auctions each month. We kick off Day 1 of our monthly auctions on the last Wednesday of each month.

Each Day 1 auction is a live with virtual bidding event. Bidders are welcome to bid in-person at Compass, or through our website.

Compass’ professional auction staff presents each of our live auctions. You can usually hear the rapid-fire voice of Compass co-founder Steven W. Holt echo through our site every time he takes the stage for a Day 1 or Firearms auction.

Day 2 auctions are online-only. New items can pop up in our catalog at any time before an auction closes, so check back frequently and don’t miss out!

For any questions you might have about Compass’ monthly auctions, contact us by email at, or by phone at 800-729-6466.