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Winterizing heavy equipment will you save you some downtime when spring rolls around. It’s mid-December and the coldest months are ahead of us. If you haven’t already, now’s the time to make sure that your equipment is properly stored. Keep reading for a checklist of heavy equipment winter storage tips.

Heavy Equipment Winter Storage Checklist

Clean The Machine – Remove dirt and debris from the cab, the engine compartment, and the undercarriage.

Complete a Walkaround – Look for signs of machine damage. Make a note of, or replace, damaged parts. Check the cab door and window seals for leaks and cracks. Install new windshield wiper blades and burnt-out light bulbs.

Check Fuel, Oil, and Filters – If it’s close to time for your preventative maintenance check, go ahead and replace hydraulic fluids, fuel, and filters before you store your machine. When refilling fluids, make sure to leave room for expansion.

Diesel fuel can freeze in extreme cold. When the temperature drops below 40 degrees it loses performance.  Make sure to keep extra DEF stored in a warmer location.

Disconnect The Battery – Freezing temperatures can cause unwanted stress on your battery. The battery can get drained if your machine sits too long.

Lubricate Moving Parts – Use a high viscosity grease to on hinges and other moving parts to reduce friction and protect the machine.

Prepare Attachments – Remove attachments and store them indoors. Be sure to check that your attachments are in good physical condition before you store them.

Protect the Machine from the Elements – If you can’t store your equipment inside, park the machine in a protected shelter out of wind and direct sunlight. Cover the machine with a tarp to block out moisture and snow.

Use a block heater to help start the engine. Let the engine run until it gets to working temperature. This prevents the valves from sticking and helps to evenly distribute oil.

Tag the Machine – This notifies the crew that the machine is in storage and is not ready to use.

Protecting your equipment from winter elements is crucial. Hopefully, this checklist helps you keep your machines in working condition.

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