With so many brands and types of 9mm ammo available, it might be hard to choose the best ammo for self-defense. Especially if you’re new to guns and don’t know what to look for. Don’t worry, part of what we do is educate customers so you can buy the right rounds for your gun. We’ve come up with a list of the 5 best 9mm rounds for self defense and concealed carry.
9mm is by far the most popular centerfire pistol cartridge available. It was created in 1901 by the famous Austrian gun designer, and creator of the Luger pistol, Georg Luger. Today 9mm rounds are used by law enforcement agencies and militaries.
Because the 9mm is used across the world, there are multiple adoptions of the 9mm on the market. There are two main types of rounds:

  • When you’re shopping for ammo, you’ll most definitely come across .380 ACP cartridges. The .380 is also known as 9mm short. .380 is used in compact and sub-compact pistols.
  • The second type of 9mm is the 9x18mm Makarov. The 9mm Makarov was standard in the Soviet Union’s military. The cartridge is used in semi-automatic pistols and sub-machine guns.
9mm bullet sizes diagram

9mm Bullet Sizes (Source)

Types of Bullets

9mm rounds come in a variety of bullet types. The most common are:

Full Metal Jacket (FMJ): FMJ bullets have a saft core made of mostly lead. They are encased in wan outer metal shell. Experts don’t recommend full metal jacket ammo for self-defense because they over penetrate the target. So, if your attacker was standing in front of other people, you might hit someone else as collateral.

Hollow Points: Hollow points are preferred by experienced shooters because of how they penetrate targets. They are the most common rounds used by private citizens and law-enforcement in 9mm pistols.

When the bullet enters the target, the core and jacket fold outwards creating a mushroom shape. Because hollow points have a wider surface area, they create a larger wound cavity with less penetration.

5 Of the Best 9mm Rounds for Self Defense

There are a lot of good self-defense bullets on the market today. We’ve listed a few to help you get started with your research on 9mm rounds.

  • Winchester PDX1 Defender – The FBI has contracted the PDX1 as one the ammo types they use. The PDX1 is reliable and penetrates up to 14.75” and expands about .58”.
  • Hornady Critical Defense 115 Grain – Normally, the nose of hollow point tips would get clogged with debris which leads to the tip not expanding and the bullet over penetrating the target. Hornady’s critical defense bullets are filled with a flexible material in the hollow tip. The material prevents the hollow tip from getting clogged and allows the bullet to penetrate properly.
  • Speer 115-Grain Gold Dot – Globally, Speer Gold Dot is the number one choice for law enforcement. Most of the time, it will be easier to find these rounds in bulk since they are primarily used by police agencies. The reason why so many agencies use Gold Dot rounds is because they are very good at traveling through thick clothing and barriers, making them a great choice for self defense as well.
  • Sig Sauer Elite Performance – These rounds are typically used for target shooting, but they can also be used for self-defense. They aren’t designed for deep penetration of flesh but they still have enough stopping power to get the job done if you are getting attacked.
handgun with 9mm rounds

Handgun with 9mm bullets (Source)

  • Remington 115-Grain HTP P+ – Remington 115g round have a bit more velocity and less felt recoil. Both factors result in a good self-defense bullet that has excellent expansion, penetration, and control.

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