Pistols at the Prison

Beginning Saturday, October 9, Compass will present Pistols at the Prison, a live gun show and auction at the historic Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary.

Visit Brushy Mountain State Pen!

Brushy Mountain has become a popular venue for events since it re-opened as an attraction in 2013. No longer a state pen, Brushy is now the place to go for concerts, tours, and car shows.
Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary operated as a holding pen for high-profile criminals from 1896 to 2009. These days, you can find Brushy north of the small town of Petros, Tennessee. The town was notably a filming location for the 1999 movie October Sky.
This year’s Pistols at the Prison event will be the first of its kind. The two-day event will go down as one of the biggest firearm and ammo shows in Tennessee. Pistols at the Prison will end with a firearms auction presented by Compass on October 10 at 6 pm ET.

Help out local non-profits!

The upcoming auction will feature two Dawn of Defense rifles. In addition to the chance of getting yourself a great new gun, the proceeds from this auction will go to two charities in Brushy’s home of Morgan County.

Compass chose the Morgan County STEM Program as its charity in this auction. In 2020, Petros-Joyner Elementary received a STEM designation from the Tennessee Department of Education. This has helped opened the door for STEM in Morgan County, and Compass is proud to be a sponsor of the program’s growth.

Morgan County doesn’t have an animal shelter or animal control. MoCo Mutts Rescue Center is the local charity chosen by Brushy. It attempts to provide these otherwise unavailable services to their community and the animals in it.

Get Your Tickets Today!

You can find tickets to Pistols at the Prison at SoldonCompass.com and TourBrushy.com. Weekend passes are currently available online for $15 for both October 9 and October 10. Day tickets will be available at the gate for $15 each. However, weekend passes will not be available at the gate.

For any questions about Pistols at the Prison, or to reserve your spot as a vendor, visit the event’s page on SoldonCompass.com. You can also contact Compass at Info@SoldonCompass.com or by phone at 800-729-6466.