Motorcycle Auction Raises $69,000 to Help Vets and First Responders

Recently Compass had the great pleasure of working with two incredible organizations — the iconic American brand, Indian Motorcycle, and an innovative charity organization, Motorcycle Missions (MM), which focuses on helping military vets and first-responders recover from PTSD.

On the block was two very special bikes custom built by two MM teams: Team Austin and Team Dallas. Both bikes started off as stock Indian Chief Darkhorse motorcycles (donated by Indian Motorcycles). Working with MM and founder, Krystal Hess, each team stripped down the bikes and recreated them as must-see, completely one-of-a-kind works of art. See the bikes here (

In an interview with, Hess says the participants learn to cope with the effects of PTSD through what she calls “Motorcycle Therapy.”

“On the battlefield, they’re taught to move, shoot, and communicate,” Hess explains. “When they come home they don’t have that focus, they don’t have that mission anymore.”

At MM, she says, participants gain a new sense of “mission” through team work and collaboration.

At the auction event — held during Sturgis Bike Week (Sturgis,SD) and webcast nationally via the Compass Auctions website — that collaboration paid off big. A lively session of bidding led to a final tally of $69,000 — with winning bids of $28,000 for Team Dallas’ bike and $41,000 for Team Austin’s bike. 

“The auction raised a lot of money and created a ton of awareness for a really important cause,” says Compass Auctions President Paige Holt. “These men and women put their lives at risk for ALL of us. Knowing that the evening’s proceeds are going to help in their recovery makes the success so much sweeter.”

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Indian Motorcycles, Motorcycle Missions and Compass Auctions are currently planning for future auction events. Check back for more info and updates coming soon.

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Auction News 8.5.19: “MOST VIEWED” Auction Marketplace!

Apparently when people look for auctions, they’re looking for Compass Auctions… According to the most recent web rankings, Compass Auctions is officially GoToAuction’s current “Most Viewed Auction Company.” Coming off of a series of strong auctions, it’s rewarding to see that our audience is growing —and participating— more than ever before.

Engaged Bidders. Happy Sellers.
Being recognized as a favorite online auction destination is great. But more importantly, it enables our buyers to source better products at better prices —and— it provides our sellers the security of knowing they can move their inventory with greater speed and efficiency.

Auctions should provide better values to bigger markets; remove hassles and increase productivity; and promote a marketplace environment that is robust, engaging, profitable and, dare we say, FUN. At Compass Auctions and Real Estate, that’s our goal… To make very auction a true event.

August is Heating Up!
So, with a our spring and mid-summer successes in the rear-view, we drive ahead into an amazing August line-up. From Hunting Gear and Government Vehicles to Heavy Equipment and U.S. Marshals’ Real Estate, look for more auction events coming soon!

Don’t miss out on these upcoming auction dates:
August 14 – U.S. Marshals Real Estate Auction
August 21 – F&M Mafco Job-Completion Surplus Auction
August 24 – Sportsman and Firearm Auction
August 28-29 – Government Equipment, Vehicles & Surplus (2-Day Event)

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TVA Auctions Sept. 9 and 10 Prove How Important Online Auctions Can Be

Government deals that can be found at auction are a major feature of the auction events held by Compass Auctions & Real Estate. The upcoming auctions in September of 2015 are full of government surplus deals that can save the buyer hundreds and even thousands of dollars in equipment and materials costs.

On September 9, 2015 Compass Auctions & Real Estate will host a live auction event at the Watts Bar Nuclear facility. This auction event will start at 9am EST with on-site registration beginning at 8am EST. One of the advantages of using Compass Auctions & Real Estate is that every live auction has an online broadcast component or what is also called a webcast. The webcast allows those who could not travel to the live auction to be a part of the auction and post bids for items easily and quickly. For both the live and online participants, Compass has made their online catalog available for viewing and, if viewers choose to register and pre-bid on items, those options are available with a user friendly online auction system.

The following day, September 10, 2015 will see Compass Auctions host a follow up online only auction with even more surplus assets from TVA Watts Bar. “It is our mission to make more and more people aware that they don’t have to sit through a live auction to find great equipment and merchandise. Live auctions are a tradition but we understand that buyers want to use mobile devices, tablets, and that many people still use their PC’s to shop online. Our online auctions give them the convenience and ability they need to do so”, says Steven W. Holt, lead auctioneer for Compass Auctions & Real Estate.

Every auction is a little different in what is available, but what never changes is the ability of Compass Auctions to provide a professional, friendly, and courteous auction experience for everyone that attends. So whether it’s heavy equipment like backhoes and excavators or industrial equipment and supplies or even office equipment like printers and phone systems; Compass and it’s team are there to help you get the best items at auction.

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Compass Introduces All New Exclusive Sell In Place Program (SIPP©) for 2015  

We come to you to sell your items!
No transportation costs, No Hassles!

The Executive Team at Compass Auctions & Real Estate is thrilled to to announce the launch of SIPP©, the new “Sell in Place Program” for 2015.

“Our new release will allow clients from all over North America to experience the level of customer service they desire, and they deserve through Compass Auctions & Real Estate, ” stated Mrs. Paige Holt, Compass President.

Compass has developed  highly professional and effective SIPP© Teams.  By deploying these teams throughout the Continental United States, Compass is available to come to you to market and sell your Real estate, Equipment, Surplus Assets, Repossessions, Industrial Equipment, Slow Moving Inventories, Estates and much more.

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This not only relieves our clients of the hassle and expense of transportation and prospective buyer showings and appointments, but also allows you and your staff to focus on your business allowing you to be more profitable.  Team Compass will handle all communications, all payments, and coordinate the transportation logistics for you.

Time and money are two of our most precious resources.  Take control of your time, and your money today.  Call (423) 702-6180 and speak to one of our associates to learn more about the SIPP© program.

  • Heavy Equipment
  • Farm & Ranch
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  • Industrial
  • Real Estate
  • Vehicles & More
  • From 1 item to 1,000’s

Put the “SIPP©” Program to work for you!

Justin Ochs, M.S., CAI Principal Broker/Auctioneer Compass Auctions & Real Estate Nashville Division \”Choosing the right company to handle your auction often makes the difference. With a passion for excellence and extraordinary performance, Compass Auctions & Real Estate works to secure the highest dollar for your assets\\\”